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Zen Again!

Meet Shell LeBlanc who is the owner of Zen Again, located in Bayfield, Ontario! I met Shell on the “Inspiring Women Empowering Women” facebook group that I run for female entrepreneurs to inspire and empower one another through positive collaborations, conversations, and connections. I haven’t met Shell in person yet but I can tell through her positive and energetic posts on facebook that she is someone I will absolutely love when I do meet her! I cannot wait to go visit her in the summer, maybe sneak in a reflexology treatment and hit up the beach while I am at it! That sounds like a day of bliss to me!


Meet Shell Leblanc owner of Zen Again!

I’m Shell LeBlanc, owner of Zen Again. We are a mobile/virtual business located on Ontario’s West Coast, on the shores of Lake Huron. (Bayfield area) We offer Mindfulness Coaching, Natural Health Practitioner (NHP) counseling (NHP includes advice on vitamins, minerals, aromatherapy, meditation, offering/referring modalities for body, mind and soul), virtual consultations/help and our mobile services include the aforementioned plus Reiki (Practitioner/Master to teach) and Reflexology (hand/foot).
Most recently we have started offering our own handmade Essential Oil Roll On’s and Diffuser oils. We put a bit of a ‘light hearted’ spin on the Roll On’s like “One Too Many” that is good for hangovers but also other ailments like coughs, colds, allergies. Or Meno-POSITIVE, a roll on that helps with hot flashes…Me being the creator and the Client for that one…whew, hot flashes are brutal. 😉 Being we don’t have a bricks and mortar shop we have set up a woocommerce storefront on our website and hope to expand our natural products for people all over Canada but also for our rural residents who may not have access to these or our services otherwise. A large Urban centre like London could be almost a 2-hour drive for some of us out here. Not to mention we live in the snow belt.

An Inspiring Female Entrepreneur is unfolded!

Years ago, while I was still doing the daily grind in the Corporate World as a Global eBusiness manager for Volvo Construction Equipment, I started to take my Natural Health Practitioner education at night after my little ones went to bed. That was 21 years ago. Fast forward to 6 years ago, after Volvo left Canada and I took on a position as a Financial Advisor at one of the big 5 banks, 4 years into that, I lost my zen. And almost my mind. So, 1.5 years ago, my husband and I decided it was time for me to leave the corporate world and start applying my skills in Natural Health, Mindfulness and Reiki, so, Zen Again was born. The latest addition is taking Reflexology and I am currently studying the final “master” level for Mindfulness Coaching.

Childhood Dreams…
I always envisioned myself helping people and animals. I pictured myself being a Doctor and a Vet. Not one or the other. Both. Younger me didn’t realize there would be restrictions to that. But the best part of what I do, is I do help people…and animals. Zen Again also does Reiki for animals.

Challenges & Changing Lives…

I think as much as the generations are starting to open up to a more natural, mindful, spiritual way of living (body mind soul) there is still the “WOO-WOO” stigma surrounding what I do. It is very challenging but one of our mantra’s is “When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear”. SO, when people are ready, Zen Again will be here to help. It’s a bit daunting for them to think services like ours could actually change their lives, lessen stress which in turn lessens illnesses/disease and help them live a more natural, mindful life.
We get it. So we offer freebies, like a 2 Minute Meditation Guide or Journaling 101 – 30 Day Journaling prompt sheets to ease that fear. We can’t make people see the benefits, so all we can do is take the challenges that come and meet them head on with – ideas and solutions.
(Footnote: it does help the medical field is become more accepting with these modalities and doing research that is showing benefits to services/modalities like Zen Again has)

Success Comes in Many Forms…

Helping others. Knowing we made a difference in their lives. We do not want anyone to go through life with their little one’s like we did. Sometimes I feel like I missed half their childhood from being so busy or so stressed. To remain caught up in the trance of fear that constricts our capacity to live fully is so exhausting. Our bodies start to shut down, we get sick more often and are just beyond stressed. So if we can help people find their Zen again, then we are successful. Success to me is not about making a lot of money, it’s about making a lot of people’s lives a whole lot better.
I personally just don’t think having a ton of money means you’re successful. I made way more at my corporate job and felt less successful.
Also helping other women makes me feel successful…So whether it’s with advice, one of our services, using our platform to help someone start a new chapter in their lives, sharing all of our/my mistakes, stories, what worked, what didn’t work, to help others be successful…to make a positive difference.
Like I tell my kids to this day – always lend a helping hand, be kind, pay it forward. Success is what YOU make of it, not what others tell you it is.


We All Need a Cheerleader!

My husband and my kids…They saw my strengths long before I did. But I’ve learned to be my own cheerleader also. That it’s ok to show up each day, look in that mirror and say “You are worthy, you are deserving, you are an awesome unicorn badass warrior and YOU are going to go slay the day”.

Favourite Quote…

Oh so many. Lol. One that stands out because I live by this day to day “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.” ~Unkown

And one of my own personal mantra’s I say everyday is “There is no future in the past…Look back only to see how far you’ve come.” Because it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” of life.

Inspirational Figures…


Oh wow. Yes so many. But my Mom mainly. Even though she didn’t OWN a business, she was a manager, a worker, a housekeeper, a bookkeeper, a nurse, a social worker…she did it all. After my Dad was in an accident when I was 8 (driving transport truck and hit by a train and he had severe brain damage). That was in 1979. She brought him home to our farm, rented the land out, looked after him, my brother, me, ran us to all our school and extra curricular sports, ran Dad around to specialist’s appointments and created a household that ran flawlessly. And after Dad passed away 24 years later in 2003, she then started looking after others by volunteering to take them to Dr’s, specialists etc. So, when I was afraid to leave the corporate world, I thought of her and all of that. If she could do it raising little kids, with barely any income, being up against all those challenges, never once considering just giving up and giving in, all the while making it look flawless, who was I to just stay so I wouldn’t make myself uncomfortable, tell myself I couldn’t do it or even worse, FAIL at starting my own business. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But it is scary, don’t think I am downsizing that huge step it takes…So she is my inspiration in business and in life. She’s like freaking wonder woman. And at almost 79 still going like the energizer bunny, so how could she not be my source of daily inspiration?

Empath at Heart…

I am an empath and I went to UWO back in the day for Sociology with the hopes wanted to be a criminologist solving murders. Ya. An empath wanting to be in the midst of people hurting people…that would not have went over well.
Also, I am totally Harry Potter obsessed.
I am also fanatical about Otters, owls, hummingbirds, dragonflies, feathers, Unicorns, anything fluffy and possibly wine. 😊

Where You Can Find Zen Again…

Facebook –
Instagram –
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Website – – blog is
Our biz hashtags are #zenagain #zenfriends #zenzone

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