Kindness Matters: Microblading Artist Jenn Carpenter Gives Back!

At the end of the day kindness is what matters the most! I knew I had to feature Jenn Carpenter a London, Ontario microblading artist as a guest blogger on my Inspiring Women feature because not only is she gorgeous on the outside but she is also gorgeous on the inside having a kind heart that gives back! I met Jenn last year when she started ordering the brow balm from me as an aftercare for her microblading clients. She was actually the first customer of mine to ask if the label could have her logo on it. I thought wow what an amazing way to get your branding out there! So without hesitation I created her labels with her business name on it and so began my journey to making customized labels for businesses across North America! What makes Jenn stand out from the most (besides being amazing at what she does!) is how she uses her skills as a microblading artist to give back in a big way by giving women permanent eyebrows who have alopecia or who have gone through chemotherapy treatment at half the cost! I love when businesses find a way to give back! Learn more about Jenn and her journey…

 How bad experiences can lead us on our journey…

After having a bad experience in Toronto when both my sister and I had gotten microblading done on our eyebrows I had decided to begin learning how to do microblading myself in November 2016. Right then and there I had decided to sign myself up for a microblading course as I knew I could offer microblading services at a much higher quality and precision than I had experienced!

I have always had an obsession with makeup and beauty and had always been given compliments growing up on my eyebrows and how symmetrical they are. So when I had signed up for the course I knew it was something that I would thoroughly enjoy and then be able to use my skills to run a business that I was passionate about!

Jenn Carpenter, London Ont. Microblading Artist

 Services Provided…

Currently, at Eyebrows by Jenn the services I offer are:


Powder brows

Permanent makeup eyeliner

Hair extensions

Stretch mark camouflaging

Non laser tattoo removal

I also sell a variety of local natural body care products at my in home studio that I work from.  One of my favourite products that I use is the Crushed With Love aftercare calendula healing balm (the brow balm and healing lip balm). My clients and I both love the healing lip balm for all permanent makeup procedures because it cuts down on healing time and works significantly well for pigment retention.

 Do What You Love With Love #shescrusinitwithlove

There are so many things I love about what I do! Some of the most rewarding parts are helping women with their confidence and to feel better about their appearance. Doing eyebrows for women who have alopecia or have gone through chemo is something that fills me with great joy! I have always felt like giving back was important so I offer permanent makeup services to these clients for 50% off.

Some advice I would give to new microbladers would be to push forward and work through any doubts or anxiety you may have, it happens to all of us. Microblading isn’t as easy as people think it is so you need to keep practicing and always work on getting better. I have done hundreds of eyebrows  at this point and I am still working on getting better.

 I am extremely grateful for how well my first year has been going and I would love in the near future to open London’s first permanent makeup studio and continue to expand! I would also like to start training in permanent makeup this year!

Thank you Jenn for sharing your story and I think everyone including myself can say that you are definitely #crushinitwithlove

You can find Jenn Carpenter on social media on her facebook page Eyebrows by Jenn

and on her Instagram account eyebrowsbyjenn


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