From a server at a cafe to a CEO of a multi-million dollar delivery company: Tara Jay Rimmer of The Van That Can


You will absolutely be inspired by this driven, ain’t gonna take anybody’s sh$*%, female boss lady Tara Jay Rimmer, founder and CEO of The Van That Can delivery company in Queensland, Australia. Find out how the British born Tara Jay went from a server in a cafe, working in an accounting office, to now running a multi-million dollar company! Let’s dive in and hear all about how one bad experience with a delivery company gave Tara the idea to start her own company (but make it a thousand times better), how she has dealt with any callenges she’s faced as a female boss in a male dominated industry, and what she thinks it takes to be crushin it in business! Let’s dive in learn all about how #shescrushinit in business!


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