How She Makes 6 Figures Only Working 20 Hours a Week! With The Virtual Savvy Abbey Ashley!


In this episode I chat with the ever so optimistic and energetic Abbey Ashley, founder of The Virtual Savvy! Find out all about how Abbey went from working a 9-5 job when 9 months pregnant with her daughter to making 6 figures and working only 20 hours a week being a virtual assistant from home. You won’t want to miss out on how she grew her online business to being a virtual assistant to now training and mentoring 20,000 + people on how to do the same! Abbey Ashley shares a lot of juicy tips on not only how to start up your own business as a virtutal assistant but also on being a business savvy woman in general!

Thank you for listening and I know you will learn a lot from this inspiring woman in business who I can 100% say that #shescrushinit!!!!





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