Staying True to Your Values with Michelle of Mee Photography!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to feature one of London’s up and coming passionate and kind-hearted photographers, Michelle owner of Mee Photography! Learn all about Michelle and her entrepreneurial journey!


Tell us a bit about yourself, what your business is and what services you offer.

I am a natural light photographer with a focus on capturing life’s special moments. I
strive to create a visual representation of the emotions felt in each and every session,
leaving my clients with a treasured keepsake to be enjoyed for years to come. Self-taught and always evolving, my passion to continue to learn and expand my knowledge and skill-set often leads me down the winding path of stylized and creative sessions. Based in London, Ontario, I have explored both urban and rural locations, capturing beauty wherever my clients and I may go. With a diverse portfolio including lifestyle, engagement, boudoir, family and promotional/product sessions, my aptitude to collaborate and adapt is evident. I crave adventure and the opportunity to bring my clients’ creative design to life.

 How did you start off on your entrepreneurial journey?

As much as I would like to say the story is dramatic in nature, it really isn’t. I’d always
had an interest in photography and one day, I decided to just go for it! Over time, and as I honed my skills, a hobby became a passion and that passion has become a business that I am so very proud of.

Go back to your childhood and tell us what you envisioned for yourself as an

I was the kid who wanted to be anything and everything. Watched Top Gun, wanted to
be a pilot, etc., but I was always aware that I had yet to realize my passion, even as an

What are some of your biggest challenges?

I find my biggest challenges are presented in the area of maintaining balance. I am so
incredibly passionate about photography, and my business, that I find it can easily
become all-consuming. There have been times that I have had to step back, realign
myself with what is important outside of photography, and return to MEE in a more
balanced way.


Michelle of Mee Photography

What does being successful in business mean to you?

To me, being successful in business means being genuine in the way in which you
conduct yourself and your business. I believe the ability to remain true to your values
and what is important, while being financially successful, is the ultimate goal.

Who has been your biggest support/cheerleader?

I have an incredible group of family members and friends from whom I have received an
amazing amount of ongoing support. I truly couldn’t do what I do, without my tribe
cheering me on!

Do you have a favourite quote or saying?

I’m a Libra, meaning I could spend the next three days choosing (and then re-choosing) a
favourite quote or saying. I have a ton … and add to that collection daily. I often share
these quotes or sayings in my Instagram stories and love receiving messages back from
my followers when they find inspiration or encouragement from them.

Is there anyone in business who is an inspiration to you and why?

There are so many local (and otherwise) businesses that I find inspirational – there is no
way I could name them all. Each of these businesses help encourage and challenge me
daily to be the best I can be, which in turn will help to keep the forward progress within
MEE as well.

 Where can we find you ? What are your social media platforms?

I can be found though my website, Instagram or Facebook.
Website: www.meephotography.ca
Socials: @meephotographylondon


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